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July 19, 2018
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Short Guys

One of the most common forewarnings Asian guys suffer when dating attractive women, particularly white call girl in mumbai, is they feel properties are too very brief or not muscular enough. Unlike Asian culture, grey Anglo culture have larger number of masculine macho ideals, this many Asian guys feel properties can not live up to. I am speaking about the square jawed, football player stereotype or the rugged tall all American. The magnificent to know are that Asian men shouldn’t in essence worry so much. Read on!

It’s true that call girls in mumbai prefer tall men, it has been proven over and over in scientific studies. Tall men simply do better in life, money and love than shorter men. Does that mean we are out of luck as shorter guys? Not exactly. You see, the reason why tall guys are successful with women is not so much that they are tall, but the confidence and calm they exude. It’s the way they carry themselves and their body language. That confident body language comes from years of people looking up to them and letting them have their way, simply because their height is intimidating.

The good thing is that height can be learned. Or confidence and body language can be learned. Walking tall is a state of mind more than anything. One of the most successful guys with women that I know is a short guy, but you wouldn’t know. You always get the impression that he is taller than he is. That’s because his confidence and aura is so obvious.

Most Asian guys I know have bad posture to go along with their lack of confidence. That is a turn off to women. Being comfortable in your own skin and being confident in your own ability is really all you need to attract all women – white, black or Asian. Start taking actions to Change your social life forever!

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